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Welcome to Florida Airfield Maintenance (FAM).
Our team of professionals is honored to have been selected to serve Florida's airports through Florida Department of Transportation's (FDOT) statewide contract for airfield marking condition assessments, cleaning, removal and painting through 2023.

The following information is general in nature. If you have questions specific to how your airport can leverage the statewide contract, please contact Lisandro Rosales at info@famjv.com.

FAM's Four Firms

Florida Airfield Maintenance (FAM) is a joint venture among four companies. In 2020, FAM was successful in its bid for Florida Department of Transportation's (FDOT) Statewide Airport Marking Program contract, providing professional services related to airfield markings including condition assessment (to build your scope of work), cleaning, removal and painting.

Florida Airfield Maintenance (FAM) Joint Venture Team

The objective of this statewide program is to enable airport sponsors to procure a competitively priced and qualified contractor for airfield pavement marking services. FDOT has further strengthened the program by tapping AVCON, Inc. to provide independent quality assurance (IQA) to provide on-site owner representation. Florida's airports can also have confidence in FAM's experience and team of certified Airfield Marking Professionals (AMP), the gold standard in the industry. Click the button below to discuss your project with FAM.


FAM provides a range of airfield marking services through the FDOT Statewide Airport Marking Program.
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